Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke
Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke
Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke
Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke
Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke
Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke

Bedbox Jetkids by Stokke

Regular price
$ 3.300 diario
Offer price
$ 3.300
Daily Price (tax included) Tip: To get a better daily price, we suggest renting for weeks or months.

Differentiated price by number of days:

1 to 6 days

$ 3.300 per day

7 to 14 days

$ 2.600 per day

15 days or more

$ 2.300 per day


      Before departure

      Spacious interior to store what is necessary for the trip
      • NEW FEATURE: Additional storage space inside the lid

      • The swiveling front wheels offer excellent maneuverability
      • The multi-purpose adjustable strap allows the BedBox ™ to be hung from the shoulder or transported by pulling it
      • Top handle for the child to hold while riding
      • The child can rest their feet on the ledge

      During the trip
      • For travel by plane, train, ferry, and whenever you want to expand your seat
      • Universal size that fits most economy-class airplane seats
      • Extendable lid lengthens the seat to create a wider surface
      • The mattress and soft side cushions create a comfortable space on the seat
      • The safety belt can be used both lying down and sitting


      • Only 3 Kg of weight, including the mat
      • Open measurement: Length x Width x Height: 46 cm x 20 cm x 36 cm
      • Folded measurement: Length x Width x Height: 52 cm x 21 cm x 42 cm
      • Washable mattress
      • Suitcase with volume of 20 liters in total
      • Maximum weight to mount: 35 Kg.
      • BedBox does not need a specific approval from the aeronautical authorities. This is just a suitcase that transforms into a bed to improve the flight experience of the little ones. By placing the BedBox in front of your seat, no international aeronautical standards are violated, as long as the product's limitations are respected.
      • If you need to know more about the product and the authorized airlines you can find information at: