Hub Hubble Air CBX
Hub Hubble Air CBX
Hub Hubble Air CBX
Hub Hubble Air CBX

Hub Hubble Air CBX

Regular price
$ 4.500 diario
Offer price
$ 4.500
Daily Price (tax included) Tip: To get a better daily price, we suggest renting for weeks or months.

Differentiated price by number of days:

1 to 3 days
$ 4.500 per day
4 to 14 days
$ 3.000 per day
15 to 29 days
$ 2.000 per day
1 to 6 months
$ 20.000 per month or fraction

  • Breathable mattress and bottom
  • Folding
  • Carrying
  • 11 height adjustable positions
  • Mesh on both sides to see the infant better.
  • Includes mattress cover sheet.
  • Recommended from RN to 6 months.

CBX is a brand of high technology and design for the smallest of the home. Created by the same Cybex engineers in Germany, the combination of intelligent design and safety has made CBX, worldwide, one of the favorite brands at the moment to choose a product of competitive price and quality.

We present you the CBX Hubble Air Colecho cradle, which will allow you to stay close to your little one at all times thanks to the height adjustments. This function also allows you to adjust the height of the crib with a higher and a lower side, allowing a slight inclination that can help babies with reflux. It is equipped with a breathable mattress and a bottom panel with open spaces for optimized air circulation. Take it with you on your trips, the crib folds up for storage at home or in the car and has a bag to carry it!