Classic Roda Bicycle
Classic Roda Bicycle
Classic Roda Bicycle

Classic Roda Bicycle

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$ 3.100 diario
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$ 3.100
Daily Price (tax included) Tip: To get a better daily price, we suggest renting for weeks or months.

Differentiated price by number of days:

1 to 3 days $ 3.100 per day
4 to 10 days $ 1.600 per day
11 days or more $ 1.300 per day

  • The RODA bicycles allow children from the 2 years to develop balance in a natural and progressive way, without the need for small support wheels. They run with their feet, lifting them to balance when they have picked up speed.
  • By being able to adjust the height of the seat, the bicycles are accompanying the kids in their growth stages until the 5 years, allowing them to acquire skills and coordination.
    • The use of the RODA learning bicycles gives them autonomy and confidence to travel around their environment, especially encouraging contact with nature. Riding a bike invites you to entertain, have fun, live adventures and great moments, acquiring good habits and healthy life.


  • Measurements (height, width, length): 57x37x82 cms.
  • Materiality: Solid birch plywood construction
  • Uniquely designed wheels: Plastic and steel bearings
  • Reinforced handles with rubber protectors
  • Tires with unique design and without cameras. Never again a puncture.

  • Padded seat with ultra resistant material and adjustable in four heights
  • Tapabarros in rear wheel
  • Weight: 4,5 kgs.
  • Measurement of the box (height, width, length): 53x17x33 cms.
  • The bicycle comes semi-disassembled inside the box. This includes the tools (Allen key) and an instruction manual for the assembly. It is very easy and fast.